About Persici


Persici is a business consultancy and development company providing services to empower small and medium size companies (SMEs). We at persici believe that SMEs are not adapting to the modern technological improvements well enough to compete with large corporates. This is ultimately leading to SMEs losing market share to larger corporates.

Our Vision Statement

Making the operation of SMEs simpler and more secure

We believe that SMEs carry a huge risk of closure and bankruptcy with 8 SMEs closed within the first three years of operation. Therefore, there is a need to make them more secure and simpler to operate.

Our Mission Statement

Employing technology and scientific methods for SMEs to prosper

We believe that our vision could be best achieved by employing technology and scientific methods into SMEs. It is expected that the main reason for such a high SME closure rate is related to lack of prediction in these businesses. Therefore Persici aims to give the most predictive capability by using technology and scientific methods.

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"Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people."
Steve Jobs

Our Values



Our people are making Persici what it is. Our people’s progress is our progress. That is why the welfare and progress of our people is a top priority.



We try our best to keep each member professionally as independent as possible. We believe that independence is driven by innovation and problem-solving skills.



Transparency and honesty within Persici staff and in our relations with our clients are extremely valued.



To deliver a reliable service we must start with reliable people. Everyone at Persici takes its actions independently, considering it’s consequences.



Finding smarter solutions to existing problems. It requires us to be conscious of existing problems and tools that can help us develop a smarter solution.

My team and I, are dedicated to working closely with our clients, partners and subsidiaries in order to provide an excellent level of service to our stakeholders.

Ashley Robertson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Persici Ltd

Persici Team


Ashley Robertson


Mr. Robertson is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Persici.


Sam Beni

Business Strategy Consultant

Mr. Beni is our strategy advisor. He advises the board on our business strategy.


Dmitrijs Vasilcenko

Software Modeler

Mr. Vasilcenko is our Software Modeler. He is in charge of Persici’s IT Projects design and planning process.